emma | brand new

I had the honor of meeting and photographing sweet Emma when she was just over one week old! It's just so much fun to shoot maternity and newborn sessions for a family, because I get a frost-row seat to the awesome transformation of parenthood. These two are doing beautifully, and Emma is a very loved little girl.

dan & janice | married

When a good friend and fellow photographer, whose work I admire so much, tells her brother and future sister-in-law that they must have me shoot their wedding, that is an incredible honor. 

When the family treats me like a guest and asks me to sit at their table and eat when my shooting time is done—there are no words. This awesome couple and their amazing family found a very special place in my heart. 

Janice and Dan were married on the beach near the Hillsboro Lighthouse, and their reception dinner took place at Blue Moon Fish Co. in Ft. Lauderdale.

esperanza & george | expecting

We ended up having to shoot this session in two parts. Part one, at the beach, lasted about 30 minutes before the rain came in off the water and we had to run for shelter under the boardwalk (it was obviously meant to be- those ended up being some of my favorite shots!) We met again to finish their session at the park, on a day that started sunny and quickly became overcast with thunder in the distance by the time we were done. This is South Florida summers for you!

I can't wait to share the photos of their sweet baby girl!

Documenting My Own | 06

So many afternoons looked just like this over the last few months.

Sunny skies, then storm clouds roll in and the atmosphere of the beach changes completely.

The cool breezes blow in from the sea and you can smell the coming rain and see it on the water before it reaches land.

Dark grey-blue clouds pour themselves out into the expanse of turquoise and navy and everything in between.
The colors of the sea, especially on the edge of a storm, are haunting and beautiful and make me feel so completely alive.

We pack our bags and wait until the first drops fall and the first thunderclaps can be heard,
and then we run to the car, laughing. free.

This is the sixth installment in my ongoing effort to document the people in my life on film. See all posts in this series here.

film nerd info: pentax 67 / expired portra 160vc / processed by the FIND lab