Yan Fam Way Workshop

In November of last year, I spent a couple days in Austin, TX, learning from one of my all-time favorite family photographers. I'd been following Yan's work for a couple years, and hoping to attend one of her workshops but always had many reasons why I couldn't (money, family, time... all the usual suspects—am I right?). Those reasons would never go away of course, but in Fall of last year I just knew it was the right time. I knew this was what I needed, and my instinct turned out to be so very correct there. Yan is a film photographer, and I truly adore the look of her photographs, but the point of this workshop is in no way to learn to emulate that. She's all about helping photographers grow into their own unique vision and voice—be it with film or digital, dreamy and light or moody and raw. She also has an excellent bag of tricks for shooting families in a truly authentic way. To top that off, she is just one of the coolest, most genuine people, and I was lucky enough to hang with her a quite a bit while I was in Austin. I came home so refreshed, both as an artist and a human—more clear in the direction I want my business to go, and ready to push myself forward in my work.

We had a lovely family of three model for us during the workshop, and each of us got a few minutes with them to shoot whatever we wished. 

Photographers, if you love working with families and are looking for a great way to better yourself as an artist this year, here you go. I promise you will not regret it.

Mya + Mohamed | Married

I love small, intimate, and non-traditional weddings. Outdoors, back yard, friends and family, personal details—it all proves that a wedding doesn't have to be big and flashy to be amazing. When it comes down to it, it's all about love, and celebrating the journey two people are embarking on together. 

This is exactly what Mya and Mohamed's wedding was all about. With just a small group of guests in a park near their home, they exchanged vows in a ceremony that seamlessly blended their Israeli and Palestinian family backgrounds. Then everyone walked down the road to the couple's adorable apartment for a wonderful meal prepared by the bride. 

It was truly an honor to capture this beautiful day for them!

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