As a photographer, I am the documentarian of my family. There are countless photographs of my three children and my husband, but of course as I'm usually the one behind the camera I'm absent from most of these images. 

When my children look back on our family photos years from now, I want them to see me with them from time to time. I want them to remember what I looked like in my twenties, when they were small. I want them to remember me playing, laughing and cuddling with them.

This year I've been part of a project with a group of other photographers. It's called Wherever I Am With You, and it's simply a challenge to get in the frame with our kids each month. I was pregnant for 3/4, and missed a few months mostly due to sheer exhaustion, but I'm so thankful for the images I got for this project. I'm looking forward to continuing this in 2016, and hopefully every year after. 

Happy New Year my friends!