We arrived at the park just before the rain began. Already rescheduled once, with a deadline fast approaching, we waited and watched the radar on our phones, hoping it would clear enough to shoot. Finally it did let up, and Stephanie (our lovely model), Sondra (stylist and assistant), and I ventured out. 

During our time on the river, we encountered bugs, humidity, the mortal fear of tipping in the canoe while holding my camera, and other paddlers telling us they'd spotted a large alligator nearby. I have no idea how Stephanie managed to look incredible right up to the end, as I was a hot sticky mess by the time we pulled the canoe safely back to dry ground. The whole thing was a little crazy, but overall we had so much fun!

It turned out that this shoot truly embodied the adventurous spirit of the company it was shot for, Wanderer Bracelets. Wanderer's designs are all handmade in Bali, Indonesia, and provide fair wage jobs for local artisans there. The company also happened to be founded by a fellow alumni of my alma mater, Palm Beach Atlantic, and is located right here is West Palm Beach.