Early on in my first pregnancy, I was so fortunate to get plugged in to an amazing birth community here in South Florida. A cornerstone of this community is now located in Downtown Delray Beach. The Palms Birth House is the premier birth center in Palm Beach County, and it is also home to The Orchid Nest—an amazing place where expectant and new mothers are nurtured, loved, and educated. Being part of this community has been such a great support for me on a personal level, and I have also had the amazing honor of capturing beautiful memories for some of the birth house families.

I was thrilled when Lorie asked if I would photograph the final day of her Sacred Pregnancy class, which would include a holi powder celebration. I believe so strongly that pregnancy is a sacred and beautiful time in a woman's life, but that perspective is too often lost in our modern-day culture. This class goes back to those vital roots of honoring and nurturing yourself and forming a supportive community with other women during pregnancy and into motherhood.

It was an honor to spend a few hours with this group of ladies who have known one another throughout their pregnancies. Their joy and the bonds they've formed during the class were so evident to me, and each one of these precious mamas is so beautiful and truly radiant. Thanks to Lorie and each of you who allowed me to capture this time.

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