These simple and stunning coffee table books are the perfect way to encapsulate the complete story of your portrait session or wedding day in one beautiful volume. Many of you know by now how strongly I believe in printing pictures. Digital files simply don't have the magic that a printed image embodies. The tangible feel of paper in your hands can never be replaced by a screen, and seeing your favorite moments in the midst of your everyday life sure beats having them just sit as digital information a hard drive.

Books are the perfect way to get all of those images is physical form. I love handing over something so beautiful that contains the whole story of a session, knowing that it will be looked through again and again for years. I make at least one of these for own family each year as well, full of my favorite shots from throughout the year, and they are are some of my most cherished possessions.

Made by Artifact Uprising, a company with a strong environmental commitment and printed on 100% recycled paper, fine art books are available in 8.5x12 or 8.5x8.5 layouts.

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