Henri Cartier-Bresson said of taking great photographs,"You can't look for it. It's like looking for inspiration- it comes through enriching yourself, and living."

The greatest inspiration is not from what anyone else is doing, not from a blog or a pin or a tweet. It is out there, in life lived and experienced. Growth as an artist, the refining of vision and voice and and the creation of anything unique and real, cannot come from looking at the work of other people. It has to come from a place of knowing oneself better and truly living life.

I'm not saying that it's bad to be inspired by what others do. There is some amazing work out there that has definitely inspired me throughout my career. I'm only saying that if it is the primary source of inspiration, our work will never grow beyond the point of mediocre, or possibly even good. But I am not aspiring for good-- I want great. Exceptional. Extraordinary. I never want to stop growing. Ever.

I'm inspired by the sky, poetry, and the sea; by cultures, films, people and their stories; by the beauty in everything, by the lines and forms of my surroundings. By life.

I snapped these images before and after a recent session... texture, lines, color. My personal work is continuously about seeing. Moments, details, stories... refining the way I see everything so that the way I shoot and the way I think become more and more aligned, and my art becomes an extension of who I am rather than just something I happened to make.