Over the last week, Tropical Storm Isaac dumped a lot of rain on us here in South Florida. So much that flooding caused schools to close for a few days. In states where there are actual seasons, you have snow days, but here we have hurricane days. I remember from my own childhood the excitement of getting to stay home mingled with anxiety about the impending storm. Hurricanes (and tropical storms) are part of life here. I am so thankful that we've had so many good years in a row now, and that despite the flooding we got very lucky with this one as well. After days of practically nonstop rain, things started looking a little better outside and we were fairly desperate not to be stuck in the house anymore, so we made impromptu plans for dinner with friends, who so graciously had our little family over for the evening. (Thanks again, Sondra & Aaron!) We talked, chased babies, ate delicious food, dressed the babies in matching shirts to take pictures, and talked some more, while the kids ran around playing and eating startfruit straight from the tree. I love those barefoot-in-the-grass, sitting-on-the-floor-chatting kind of evenings. I love friends like this, who are so very easy and fun to be around. I love that I could just pick up my camera and document it happening, while simultaneously being completely part of it. I shot these because I just felt like it- not because they are fine art or because they are technically great photographs, but because clicking the shutter simply brought me joy.