Another week has passed. Here are some of my Instagrams... The one with Isaac looking so sad there? That was after he rolled over for the first time, and was pretty mad about it obviously. He hasn't done it since, but I can tell he's getting stronger and heading into a new phase.

I've been trying to walk each morning, interspersed with jogging as much as I can (which isn't very much yet). It feels so good. I missed a couple days this week because of rain and one day because of a bad headache, but I went again this morning. I gained 36 pounds during this pregnancy, which was a bit more than with my first. I've lost 23 of those so far. It's not the only reason I exercise- I also really love how it makes me feel (so much more energy)- but I am looking forward to fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans again!

Honestly it was one of those weeks that seemed to get swallowed up into some kind of black hole. I still have things on my to-do list. Our house is pretty messy. I can't remember what exactly I did with all of my time and I don't have much that's tangible to account for it except these two beautiful boys. And I think that's the answer- they make time pass more quickly. They occupy so much time and energy. But that is my life right now. And it is good.

And a few links to bring you into the weekend...

5 Tips for Adding Green to Your Home on A Beautiful Mess

Honey Whole Wheat Bread recipe - I definitely want to make this soon.

The Most Fearless Animal via Deb Schwedhelm. I know I'm behind on seeing this, but I finally understand all those honey badger references now. Hilarious, truly.

Nobody tells people who are beginners... via the Define blog. I absolutely love it.

And speaking of Define, the website just launched this week. They'll be offering some pretty amazing courses for photographers, on everything from light to branding.

In HMP news.. I'm planning to do a special summer mini-session event one weekend in June. Details coming soon!

And one more thing. You might have noticed that suddenly I'm posting here a whole lot. In short, there is no line between my personal work and all my other work, and I made the decision to just do all my blogging in one place from now on. It feels good to have one central location to post and not have to always ask myself, "now where should this go...?" I'm excited to dedicate more to this blog and put more of who I am into my business as a whole.

Have a lovely weekend, my friends!