Last Friday, I spent the evening with a whole bunch of artists at a great local coffeeshop. There was visual art displayed (including some of my fine art images), and music, poetry, and monologues performed. The atmosphere was alive with creativity, and I left feeling so much more alive myself, and reminded of the artist part of me that needs to be fed in this way- by being in community with other creative souls. I think I'd forgotten what that is like and what an important part of the inspiration process it is, to be around other right-brained types. Sharing your work in a safe environment, allowing it to be raw and unfinished and just seen in the beauty of the process of growing as an artist- there is value in that. And for me, as a mom who is every day the cook and cleaner-upper, kisser of booboos and meeter of a thousand random needs and requests... I needed the reminder that I am still in my early 20's, and that I still have the ability (albeit less often) to spend time with other grownups. I needed that reminder that I really am a better mother and wife, business owner and person, when I feed the part of me that is an artist and woman apart from all of my other roles. That creative being is the deepest part of myself, and when it is left undernourished every other part of me pays for it.

I was inspired that night to photograph the artists who shared, and I wanted to share that here. The best part is that Lyrical, Ink. happens every month! It takes place at Harold's in West Palm Beach. So if you're local, I highly recommend checking it out.

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