Hello little one, You are growing up before my eyes, and it is both exciting and heart-wrenching. Rather than wanting to be held, you now want to to be on the floor constantly exploring everything in sight. You can take about 4 or 5 steps, and I'm expecting you'll be walking (and likely running) everywhere within the next month. One thing you have taught me is to find joy in everything. You are, above all else  a joyful little person. You truly own the meaning of your name. You have a smile for just about everyone we meet, and you love to laugh and dance and make music. Your joy is contagious, too- it can cheer me up even in the midst of the most difficult days. I pray that you never, ever lose that. May you always bring joy to everyone around you, and even more importantly, may you always be able to find it within yourself, no matter what circumstances you find yourself facing. You are a light that can illuminate your little corner of this world, and even a relatively small light is immensely powerful in darkness. While it sometimes makes my mama heart ache to see you changing from my tiny baby to a busy toddler so fast, I am so excited to watch your amazing life unfold. I know you will be great; I'm so proud of you already. Shine on, my Isaac, shine on.



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