Dear Seth, On February 10th, 2009- four years ago- you entered this world and changed my life forever. I was so young, at only 21, and wondered if I could be as good a mother as someone with more life experience. But motherhood has grown me up so much. With someone so precious as you relying on me, I knew I had no choice but to rise to the challenge. And through being your mother, I have become a better person. More confident, more driven, and less selfish. You still teach me every day.

I'm in awe of who you are becoming, my love. My silly, spirited, incredibly intelligent, curious, strong-willed firstborn. Your observation skills and vocabulary surprise my daily, and it completely melts my heart each time I hear, "Mama, I love you so so so so much!"

Ever since I was pregnant with you, everyone has told me how fast it all goes. I believed them of course, but experiencing it is an entirely different thing. These have been the fastest four years of my life. (They're also been the very best.) I know that you'll be heading off to your first day of kindergarten in the blink of an eye, and college shortly thereafter. Sometimes I wish I could just slow time a bit, so I don't miss anything. But I've resolved to simply try my best to be present in each moment with you, and not take these precious childhood years for granted. Right now, you are so full of wonder and innocence. I hope that even as you grow up, a piece of that will always remain in you. Never stop dreaming as big as you possibly can and expecting amazing things to happen (because they will!). Always be curious about everything, and always take the time to appreciate the small but wonderful details in everyday life.

So happy 4th birthday, my sweet boy.

All my love,


p.s. ~ These pictures are just so you right now- always so silly. You dressed yourself that day- complete with the slightly-too-small Charlie Brown Christmas t-shirt. When I suggested changing into something else, you refused, saying "I like Christmas!" Fair enough, my love; so do I. xoxo

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