Dear Isaac, Yesterday, after rocking you to sleep, I held you a bit longer before putting you in your crib. Watching you sleep, peaceful and trusting, smelling your soft baby hair and hearing your gentle breathing, is one of the sweetest things in my life. I will miss these days all too soon.

You turned one at the beginning of this month. The emotions surrounding that day have been overwhelming, in the best way. Your first year went by so quickly. When March 3rd came, and I remembered that morning just a year before, it still felt so much more recent. My memory of the hours that followed your lightening-fast birth is one of light and love. The four of us together in my bedroom, morning light bathing us in warmth, joy overflowing.

One year later, there is even more joy, and even more love. You bring an amazing element to our family. I'm convinced that you're the happiest baby in the world. There have been so many times that, even in the midst of crying, you've smiled at me. Throughout the day we'll catch one another's attention, and you give me this huge, wonderful, squishy grin, showing all seven of your little teeth.

You look up to your brother already, and clearly adore him. When you hear him making his way downstairs each morning, you light up with joy and call to him, crawling as fast as you can to greet him. I love to watch you two grow closer each day.

Last week, you discovered a passion for climbing. Within the span a of a few days you learned to climb all the stairs (I nearly fainted when I realized you'd done so! there is now a gate at the bottom) and also figured out how to climb into the sofa. I'm not sure if you picked it up from watching me do yoga, or if its simply your own, but every so often you like to break out the downward dog pose while you're playing. You literally learn something new every day; it is so much fun to observe.

So, happy first birthday, by littlest love! I love you more than you will ever know.


This post is part of a group photography project I'm participating in this year. Next in the circle is the amazingly talented Jessica Deane - warning: you might want to bring some tissues!