On Sunday I had coffee with this lovely lady. I'm so thankful for Sunday afternoon conversations, and friends who are willing get in front of the camera for me. I took these for an assignment in a workshop I'm taking on the Bloom Forum. I cannot stress enough how important continuing education has been in my journey as an artist. Reading books, studying the work of great photographers, and taking classes and workshops when I can have all been so valuable to the refining of my vision and have served to keep me inspired and sharp. No matter how successful a photographer might become, the moment he or she thinks they have "arrived" and have nothing more to learn, is the moment of their downfall. You can never stop growing; there is always more you can learn. The journey of an artist must be one of perpetual motion. And the more I learn, the more I see just how much more room for growth I really have. At 25 years old and four years of business, I'm only just getting started. When I look back at the work I created a few years ago, I must admit I cringe a little. I know that in 10 years the same will probably br true of some of the work I'm creating now.

May we never cease to grow and evolve.