I'm still trying to figure out where summer went, but looking back at my Instagram feed- full of pool days, beach days, and lazy family mornings at home- reminds me that we have indeed enjoyed the season. Life is so different with two little ones, and it makes time feel like it's moving so much faster. I've spent so much less time online (a good thing, for sure). I go longer between blog posts without even realizing it. It is August 19th, and I still feel like the month just started. I've been meaning to write this post since July 30th. But I've been immersed in the life of my little family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Seth is starting preschool next week; I can still hardly believe he's old enough for that. For the first time in three and a half years, I'll drop him off somewhere and not really know exactly what he's doing, and he'll come home with stories of his experiences that have nothing to do with me. It's strange, though very cool to see him growing up. He's excited about school and I know he will love it and have no problem being left there. I, on the other hand, expect to shed a tear or two on his first day. Yesterday I was sitting with Isaac and watching Seth play on the playground at the park, and I heard two moms chatting near me. The bit I caught was about how fast children grow up, how quickly it passes. It is such a common theme of conversation among people with children- a conversation I feel I've had a thousand times. I think we continue to talk about because it surprises you again every day- they look bigger, they do something new, and you feel their childhoods slipping through your fingers like tiny grains of sand. I want so much to savor this time, my friends. I want to be in it, to be active in their lives, and to document these precious days.

Side note: Yesterday I ran my first 5k. I finished! I plan do a full post on that soon.

For now though, here are some Instagrams from July...