Nearly a year ago, my dad sent me a Nikonos II- an underwater film camera that was produced by Nikon from 1968-1975. It took me until now to finally get it in the water, partially because getting it open to load the film was a bit of a challenge. I finally figured that out, and immediately called someone I knew would be as excited about it as I was- my dear friend Mary. (You might remember her from here or here.) She was, of course, stoked to play around with me, and last Sunday we spend a couple hours in her parents' pool experimenting. Shooting under water was an entirely different experience for me. There is so much going on at once: exhaling enough to sink down, holding my breath, trying to compose with a moving subject dealing with the same things... it was interesting, and a super awesome challenge. Add to that the fact that this camera is not an slr (therefore, I was not composing directly through the lens, and also could not see where focus would fall), and I was entirely unsure if these would even come out at all. First thing the next morning, I brought my two rolls directly to my local lab.

This is what we got. I already have so many ideas for next time. Things I'll do differently. But I love these, in all their imperfection. I love their abstractness. I love that I got to do something totally outside my norm. I love that there are always new aspects of photography to explore and keep me growing as an artist.