I hope your 4th of July was perfect- filled with family, festivities, and of course great food.
I've been wanting to share these pictures here- a 
photo story on the City of Lake Worth that I shot for Everything Bloom's Adventure is Out There series. There is so much more to Lake Worth of course, but these are few of my favorite spots, including Benny's On the Beach and Coastar's Coffee Bar. {And Coastar's is using some of these on their website too. They are one of the best spots around for coffee- if you're local you should definitely go check it out!}

And some recent finds...

I recently read this article of tiny stories that made me feel so very optimistic. I hope it does the same for you.

This delicious juice tastes just like Summer.

I'm currently reading The Book Thief, and have really been trying to make reading more a part of my life again. Its so easy for me to claim not to have time, but in reality it's a matter of choosing to open a book rather than a new browser tab. Much more fulfilling!

Speaking of books, this week I picked up a copy The New-Fashioned Wedding to have as a resource for my couples (and for me, to drool over all the amazing images). It is completely full of pure wedding bliss- a must-see for anyone planning one.

Another amazing article on the Define School blog, for photographers, but I think it can speak to anyone.

Redefining success on Darling Magazine's lovely blog.

...and last but not least, Design Aglow wrote a great article on preparing for your next photo session- definitely a must-read if you'll be in front of my camera in the near future!

Enjoy your weekend, my friends!