This week's theme in our collective 52-week photography project is growth, and I thought I would take the opportunity to share these recent pictures of my son, Seth. Everyone always tells expectant and new parents how quickly the time goes, and that they grow up so fast. Actually experiencing that is something else entirely. It really seems almost unreal how quickly babies and young children change and develop. Every day for the last 2.5 years, Seth has done something new. I am not even exaggerating- it is mind boggling. It is amazing to watch and be part of, though of course at times I find myself looking back wistfully, knowing his days as a tiny baby in my arms have passed. That doesn't last long though- I believe in living in the moment, and enjoying the present. There really is so much to enjoy.

So when I think of growth, I think of this boy. I am filled with unspeakable joy as I watch him grow, and I am incredibly honored that I get to be his mother.

{Credit where it's due: The third photo here was taken by my husband. I just had to include because I have so few photos of Seth and I, as I am typically the one with the camera.} __________________

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