Since the start of the year I have participated in two different online workshops, which have been wonderful for my growth as an artist and business owner. Both of these workshops included a self portrait assignment. I've taken self portraits before, but it not something that's easy to get used to. It tends to feel strange, awkward, and kind of narcissistic. Yet it's something artists of many kinds have been doing throughout history. Photographing (or painting, sculpting, etc) oneself is a way to ultimately know yourself better. For me it's a bit like journaling with a camera, a bit like therapy. I've come to see it as essential not only to my journey as an artist, but my own personal journey of self-acceptance and confidence. Here are some of the images that resulted from my class assignments. For the first set, I woke before sunrise on a very chilly morning (for Florida) and snuck out before my boys and husband were up. There was such a lovely stillness and solitude in that field. The second set were against my bedroom wall, and involved Ingrid Michaelson playing in the background. : )