When I was pregnant with Seth, we lived in a very small one bedroom apartment. He shared our room (and, in fact, our bed) until we purchased our current home when he was seven months old. I didn't mind the smallness of our apartment very much- after all, he didn't take up very much room- but I did wish that I had a nursery to decorate. I had that nesting instinct to make a space for my baby, and while I did what I could, I looked forward to creating a place that would be just for him. We've lived in our house for nearly three years now, and his room has always been a work in progress. We've gradually added to it over time. When I found out we were expecting Isaac, it was a given they would share a room in this two-bedroom house, and I was determined to make the space work for them both. I wanted it to finally feel "finished", with unique touches everywhere. My nesting instinct was strong in this second pregnancy, and mostly took the form of wanting to make things for the baby and for their room. Now, I still have a few ideas of things to be added, but I finally have their little room mostly how I want it and in a blog-worthy state.

Some of things that make it special...

Red & orange quilt (on chair), handmade by my grandma for Seth when he was born.

Framed ultrasound images, with mats signed by everyone who attended the baby showers.

Origami mobile, handmade by my cousins Ian and Corbett and my aunt Taina.

Bookshelf: was mine as a teenager.

Seth's dog friend, "Cocoa"- he sleeps with him every night. When I was 14, I had a tumor removed from my arm (no worries- it turned out to be harmless). My mom bought this for me in gift shop and he was the first thing I saw when I came out of anesthesia.

Blanket hanging on crib: I crocheted while pregnant with Isaac.

Fish and driftwood mobile: I made while pregnant with Isaac. Driftwood found on a local beach.

Ceramic rabbit painted by late grandmother for me when I was a child.

Red fabric cat made by my other (mom's side) grandma for Isaac. His name is embroidered on the back. Seth has one as well, as did I, and just about every baby she's been close to since sometime in the 1970's. She is so talented with a sewing machine.

Zebra and giraffe, made by women in Kenya. A gift from my aunt for Isaac.

Piggy bank, hand painted- a baby shower gift when Seth was born.

Painting above shelf, by me. I love so many of Emerson's quotes.

Fish in the sea wall hanging: I started knitting this as a blanket for Seth when I was pregnant with him, at which time I realized that I much more of a crocheter than a knitter. The project sat for two years, and then I finally decided to finish it, added the fish and dowel, and the blanket became a conversation piece!

Vintage ruler growth chart, from KimsSister on Etsy. I love this- it's beautiful in person, and can be brought with us anywhere we move.

Crocheted rug: another pregnancy project. Made from old t-shirts, which I purchased from thrift stores. This project was pretty epic, with a bit of frustration, and in the end the edges still won't lay completely flat. I love it though.

Seth's spaceship comforter is from Target. The bed, crib, armoir, wall shelf, moon & star lights, leaf canopy, and art table are all from our good friend Ikea, most of them gifts from the boys' grandparents, and skillfully assembled by my husband and his dad.

This room is not perfect. It's not "designer", and you wouldn't see it on the pages of any magazine. But it is unique to my kids, and filled with personality and love in every corner, which is what I strive for in every room of our home.