Our 52 weeks project theme this week is new/beginnings. Strangely enough, I've felt my life kind of aligning with that, as I wrote a little about on Seeking Equipoise a few days ago. I have felt so inspired toward a healthier existence lately. After a solid week of daily headaches and just feeling drained most of the time, something just clicked in my mind- the connection between food and health is very real, and for me the taste of the things I am used to simply isn't worth feeling awful and putting my long-term health at risk.

I am moving into an entirely unprocessed mostly vegan diet, inspired by the book Crazy Sexy Diet. I've also started a running program called C25K, as regular real exercise is something I've been saying I'll get to since my son was born! For the first time in my life my primary motivation to do these things is not physical appearance or weight, but rather my overall health and well-being, and I think that mindset makes such a huge difference.

So my photo for this week symbolizes the beginning of my journey to a healthier existence...

Now go take a look at how Williamsville, NY Children's Photographer Melissa Deakin interpreted this week's prompt...

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