Time moves so fast when you have kids, doesn't it? And doubly so when you have two, it seems. My Isaac is 3 months old already. Life is so full and exhausting and wonderful. Some days I feel we've settled into this new form of normal, and other days it still feels a bit nuts. I'm fairly convinced that he's teething already, with fussy days, more wakeful nights, and plenty of drool and hand-gnawing. I still have the baltic amber teething necklace that Seth wore, so I put it on him. (Side note: has anyone found these to be very effective? I always felt like it might be helping but it's awfully hard to tell. I still use it though, because teething is no fun and if something has any chance of easing it a bit I'll try. Plus it's cute!) He has more personality each day, and loves to smile and laugh even on his rougher days. It is so much fun to watch my two boys interacting- there are these tender heart-melting moments in between needing to block the baby from either Seth's three-year-old exuberance or his feelings of jealousy that seem to creep in. Becoming an older brother comes with a lot of emotions for one so young, but overall I'm proud of him and it is clear he adores his baby brother. Isn't the camera onesie just darling? My friend Kellie made it for us, and I'm sad that he has now officially outgrown it. The day I took these pictures, I could hardly get it buttoned!