So many of the families who commission me for sessions have small children. That is awesome, but it's also refreshing to work with families who are in the middle- and high-school years for a change. It's just as important to capture memories of your kids as teens as it is when they're toddlers. 

This family was so much fun, so loving and just the perfect amount of goofy. The kids were even giving me parenting advice at one point—actually really great advice, like to make sure to expose them to as many different foods and cultural influences as possible when they're young. They are wise beyond their years!

As I'm shooting I always ask questions. I love getting to know the people I photograph. During the images of just Lloyd and Charlotte, I asked if they have a secret to staying happily married for many years and raising such great kids. Their response was to always put one another first and invest time in their marriage. This is something my husband and I are really taking to heart and aiming for, even in our current season with three very young children. It makes a world of difference!