One of the driving forces behind my career choice is the universal truth that kids grow too fast. These chaotic days a family with young ones are fleeting, and I want to document the joy, truth and beauty of it for my precious clients to look back on. We as parents always wish we could just freeze time, and this is as close as I've gotten.

In an effort to freeze it for myself, too, I'm committing to at least one photograph of each of my three little ones each week this year. I'm a week late in starting, but it's never too late, right? Of course, I've always taken more than one shot a week of my kids, but in the past year or so, many have been with my iPhone. Now, they pack some sweet little cameras into phones these days, but it still simply doesn't match up to my "real" cameras and the way I can make them express my vision.

So that's the challenge I'm giving myself, and I've decided to share it here my blog as a bit of an accountability measure.

my heart | week 1 of 52

Seth. You've changed so much recently. You're almost 7 and making a transition to "big kid"—you're capable of so much and learning constantly. You have great ideas and you rarely stop talking. I love the way you look out for your siblings and love making little paper gifts for everyone in the family.

Isaac. You are energy, passion and movement personified. You're at 100% during every waking moment. There's no chance you'll let yourself be overlooked, my middle child. You challenge me daily but delight me and melt my heart with your sweetness just as often. Sometimes it might seem like you simply do everything your brother does, but I see your uniqueness, and it's more and more apparent as you grow.

Eaden. My precious girl with ocean eyes. Yesterday was your 4-month birthday. You seem to be in a hurry to grow—it's both exciting and heart wrenching to watch. How can you already be so different from the newborn I held just four months ago? You've been rolling over for almost a month now, and you end up on your tummy almost every time I put you down. I think you'd really like to start moving forward already. I love every moment with you my dear. Every day I'm in awe of you and the fact that you're my daughter, and I just feel so incredibly lucky. It gives me goosebumps just thinking of it.