On the day of her family session, Kirstin mentioned to me in an email that she was a little anxious to be photographed. Oh, how I understand! Especially as women, and especially after having a baby, it is so hard to feel like ourselves again—to feel comfortable in our own (somewhat new and different) skin. I know that so many of you can relate. Here's what I told Kirstin, and I want to say to each of you as well: 

"I understand completely, and I'm so glad you're pushing through it and doing this—I know you will be thankful you did! 
As mamas our bodies go through so much and it can be hard to see those changes, but remember- your body GREW a human! It is strong, amazing, and so beautiful! One day Sophia will see the photos we take today, and she'll only see your love for her. Getting in front of the camera even when you don't feel perfect will encourage her to have more confidence in herself as a woman."

Ladies, please make sure you're in the pictures anyway, for your family, your daughters, yourself, and for the sake of your history being documented. When your children and grandchildren look back on these images, they will cherish the memories they represent, and they will see love, only love.