When I first meet or speak with couples hoping for me to document their birth story, there usually are a lot of "what-ifs". And for practically every one of those, the answer is some version of: we'll just go with the flow, wait and see, and document whatever happens, however possible. Every single birth story is unique, and that is part of the reason I love doing this. Unpredictability is just part of the wonderful world of birth.

At full term carrying twin boys, Sarah's doctor made the decision to induce labor. As things seemed to be progressing I made my way to Boca Raton Regional Hospital, and after many hours of waiting it was finally time to wheel her to another room to deliver. At the last moment I was unexpectedly not allowed in the room during delivery, and waited with the grandparents to see the brand new babies. Sarah gave birth to two beautiful sons, Jonah and Aidan, who needed just a bit of help from the NICU. Once they were settled at home a few weeks later, I came by for a few more shots to complete the story.