We have rain in the forecast around here, so I'm planning to attack the closets and purge some excess from my home.

Now that Florida is tax-free for back-to-school, we're going to take Seth shopping for his preschool supplies. I could hardly believe it when the list came in the mail- it still feels like Summer just started! I'm determined to squeeze every drop of sunshine from these next few weeks though.

Some things I loved this week: 

Finding the Calm on The Fresh Exchange—as a creative entrepreneur and an introvert, I connected so much with this article. 

Insightful words from Josh Newton on the Define School blog. 

A fun way to ask your besties to be in your wedding.  (and more hand-picked wedding inspiration on Pinterest)

We're planning a little romantic getaway to Key West this month, and I was starting to bum out about not being able to eat my favorite Key Lime pie due to my new dietary restrictions. Then I found this recipe. I can't wait to try it! 

I'm also planning to take some time to simply create- maybe a walk with a camera. Sometimes when I get busy with work I forget how much deeply I need to just make art, for the sake of creating, with no pressure or expectations. It makes me much better in my work and as a person.

What are your plans for the weekend?