So there's this photographer who's quite well-known in my industry. His name is Jon Canlas and he shoots film. He teaches these FIND workshops dedicated to teaching digital photographers to shoot film, and I've known quite a few people who've gone to one of these and have come back saying words like "amazing" and "life-changing". It's been in my plans for years to attend one, and throughout last year I expected that 2014 would be the year that I finally did. I'd been feeling so drawn to the beauty of film, and even more drawn to the simplicity of it and the time that it would free up (time that I currently spend editing my digital files). While I was already shooting some film for my own personal work, I knew that attending this workshop would push me toward my goal of switching over to film for nearly everything.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, I entered to win a scholarship to the workshop. I didn't really think much of it—I definitely didn't expect to win it—but I thought that if by some chance I did, it would just confirm that this pull I'd been feeling towards film is indeed the right direction for me. Well, as I'm sure you've gathered by now, I did in fact win the full scholarship. I found out on December 1st, and since I live in South Florida Jon asked if I'd like come to FIND Miami, which was happening the following week. It was a whirlwind, but everything fell into place and just over a week later I was kissing my boys goodbye and driving down south to stay in a (super rad) house for 4 nights with a handful of amazing photographers. 

That week was an epic, pivotal point in my career and my life as an artist. Yes it was about shooting film, and I grew so much in my knowledge and confidence of that, but it was also so much more. I was encouraged and challenged in very deep ways, and made friends who inspire me so much and who I hope to stay in touch with long into the future. 

I was going to break this post up into two, but one of the things we discussed that week is that less is more, so I tried to pare it down and share all of it in one (albeit slightly long) post. We had some awesome couples and families model for us, and went into Miami's Wynwood arts district to shoot personal work on the final afternoon of the workshop. It was truly the perfect thing to reignite my spark and launch me into a new phase of my journey in 2014. 

I'm looking forward to shooting film with families and couples in my business this year for the first time ever—if you want to be one of them please get in touch!