This is my mother-in-law, Jackie, and her sister Alice. They have the same blood type. But one year ago, they didn't. In November 2009, Jackie was diagnosed with AML- acute myeloid leukemia. In April of 2010, she received a bone marrow transplant from Alice, who amazingly (miraculously) was a 100% match for her.

I am still in awe of this gift- that saved my mother-in-law's life, that has made her strong and "herself" again, that has allowed her to be here to see her grandson grow. Next month we will celebrate Jackie's new "birthday" together- one year post-transplant, in remission. This weekend Alice visited with her family, and I had to get the two sisters outside together for a few minutes- because I am just in awe of everything that has happened, and my camera is how I capture these things.

Jackie and Alice, I love you both.