I believe that everyone has something they are meant to do with their life- something they were uniquely designed for. Many never find it, but even more never really look. I feel so incredibly lucky to know what that is for me at3 years old. Photography is my passion, and I cannot imagine doing anything else. It is not, however, primarily about the cameras or even the actual images- though of course I love those things. Photography allows me to create, to tell stories, and to capture the beauty I see. That is why I do this.

One thing I have always known about myself is that I have an intrinsic need to create. As a little girl I loved to paint and draw and work with clay. One of my favorite places to go was the local art store. I loved the smell, the brand new brushes and pencils, the endless possibilities represented in the gorgeous blank watercolor paper and white canvases. I spent hours upon hours in my room, making art. As I got older I expressed myself creatively through music and dance, and then at sixteen I found photography {or maybe it found me}.

Stories captivate me. Whether it be though a book, a film, a song or poem, or told in person, I love to hear the pieces of peoples lives- the "why" behind their existence. Stories are the threads in the fabric of our lives, and they make us who we are. They are what makes human life and relationships unique, and stories told through images have such incredible power.

Then there is beauty, which is possibly the strongest reason I do what I do. I see it in love, in relationships, in cultures and places and the relics of human life, in nature, and in every individual person. I believe that if people could just see the profound beauty that is everywhere- especially in themselves and others- it would have the power to combat negativity and hatred. I feel called to capture and share the beauty I see. I hope that my interactions with the people I photograph will open their eyes to the real beauty in themselves and their relationships, and that the resulting images will remind them of it. I hope that people will see something in my work that reminds them of the beauty in the world, and that they will somehow be changed by it, even in the tiniest way. That is the mark that I was created to make on this world, and my camera is my tool for doing that.

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