I've been part of a wonderful little online photography community called The Bloom Forum for a few years now, and I was honored earlier this year to be asked to join their team of contributors. A couple weeks ago, I wrote a little bit about my experience with the forum over at The Creative Mama. My photographer friends (both pro and hobbyist) should definitely go check it out. The workshops alone are reason enough to join- they're seriously awesome!

This week, the Summer installment of my bi-monthly/quarterly-ish email newsletter went out. It included a couple of my favorite locally-owned spots in Lake Worth, information on my travel dates and new photographer mentoring program, and more. If you missed it, you can check out the web version here, and don't forget to get yourself on the list! (I promise that I will never ever spam you!)


And of course, I've got a few links to share with you for the weekend!

I love anything with reclaimed wood. So natural and gorgeous!

Since I had to stop eating dairy, I've had all sorts of cravings, including alfredo sauce, so I'm definitely planning to try making this dairy-free alternative.

India on Entouriste

What does your birthday say about you?