The inner life of an artist is constantly in flux. There is never a feeling of having arrived—rarely even a feeling of satisfaction. It is a constant journey, ever moving forward to the next thing and not always knowing what that might be. There are times when the journey must be more private and introspective, and it's difficult to put anything out into the world. And I've learned to be ok with it. To pay attention to what I need wherever I am in the journey. To allow old things to pass and to let go of them in order to begin something new. Even when I don't know what the new thing will be like, exactly.

Just to begin, is possibly the most difficult and most vital step. 

These past months have been so full. Full of adventures, challenges, love, life. I haven't announced it here yet, but we are joyfully expecting a baby girl in September and will now be a family of five! So much change, but it is so good. I will continue to work, to create—that is an inseparable part of me. I will also still be taking commissioned work when I can, though this will evolve along with my life. I'm excited for new projects and continuing current ones.

Ever moving forward.