I have a confession to make.
I have two full years of client work that I haven’t blogged here.

This corresponds, right down to the month, with my fourth pregnancy and the fifteen months of being a mother of four. In the midst of that adjustment, blogging and even running an instagram account for this business became nonessentials that I needed to let go of for a while.

Now I’m finally feeling able and motivated to go back and share some of what I’ve been shooting these past couple years!
(I hope this is also hopeful information for those who might be adjusting to a third or fourth baby. It takes time, but eventually there will be some margin in life again.)

I’m starting with this super fun and gorgeous dinner party I photographed for my dear friend Lani, the artist behind Avenue Pottery. The evening’s aesthetic was a beautiful combination of Lani’s handmade dishes and the floral talent of a few local West Palm Beach creative entrepreneurs.