Our Real Life Lately | February thru May

While my client work allows me to opportunity to document amazing moments for families, my regular everyday existence revolves around my own.
My days are primarily filled with outdoor adventures, books, mediating sibling squabbles, teaching homeschool, and feeding three growing kids. (No one told me they would eat this much!) It is messy and beautiful, and I'm so thankful for every second of it (even if sometimes the thankfulness comes later)!
Here's a little peek into my life over the last several months. 
(You can always see a lot more of it over on my Instagram feed too! And I blog about homeschooling, home, health, simplicity and a variety of other things at Seeking Equipoise.)

Stacie Ramey | author of The Sister Pact

When young adult author Stacie Ramey and I first began emailing back and forth about her shoot, she told me that she'd been planning to book me for years, telling herself that when she'd "made it" she would have me to do her author photo. (Wait, can I just say how extremely humbled and honored I was to read that?! wow.) 
With one book sold and another coming out this November, she decided now was the time. In her words, "Well, 'making it' is really a work in progress isn't it?" It most certainly is, but I am completely sure that this lady is journeying is a very good direction!

rachel + joel | expecting

Rachel and Joel's maternity mini session was scheduled for the very last day of their babymoom trip to Palm Beach. The weather forecast was foreboding, and I would have rescheduled if it was at all possible, but with no choice at all, we decided to meet earlier than planned and make it work. We ran out to the beach, with dark clouds closing in, and shot for 15 minutes before dashing back for shelter from the downpour! The last shot was literally taken in the rain! 

I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to capture this beautiful time in their lives, before the birth of their first baby! Not only was Rachel glowing and absolutely stunning, but they were so flexible and willing to make the session work no matter what. 

earth day at kai kai farm

Soon after my husband and I made the decision to homeschool our children, I attended the first Wild + Free conference in Virginia Beach. My involvement in this awesome international community has influenced my homeschooling and parenting in more ways than I could describe. After returning home from that conference, in hopes of a similar community right here at home, I started a local chapter—Wild and Free South Florida. This group has grown tremendously and has become a wonderful tribe of like-minded families, which I'm so thankful to have in my life!

A year ago (how has it been that long already? I have no idea.), we visited a local organic farm for Earth Day. Kai Kai Farm is located in Indiantown, FL. Their mission statement is "Grow and package fresh, safe and nutritious vegetables which customers want and are willing to pay a fair price for, enabling sustainability, growth, and innovation in fresh produce production." 
It seemed the perfect place to bring our kids to celebrate the planet. The farm provided crafts, a wonderful tour teaching us about some of their sustainable farming methods, and even a drum circle, making it truly a perfect day.