the thakar family

I had so many favorites from this session, it was super difficult to narrow down. (But I did it—aren't you proud?!) 
I spent about 3 hours with the Thakar family, exploring the town of Jupiter during their trip to Florida. Zavian turned one the day before our session, and had started walking just a week or so before.
From Preeti's very first email, I knew we were going to have a great time together. I love the way motherhood can instantly create a connection between two people. As we were walking together in the beginning of the session, she told me, "I never considered myself particularly nurturing, but now that he's here I'm just ridiculously into him." It's amazing the way our little ones capture our hearts right from day one. I could feel that love so palpably in this sweet little family during our time together.

Our Real Life Lately | February thru May

While my client work allows me to opportunity to document amazing moments for families, my regular everyday existence revolves around my own.
My days are primarily filled with outdoor adventures, books, mediating sibling squabbles, teaching homeschool, and feeding three growing kids. (No one told me they would eat this much!) It is messy and beautiful, and I'm so thankful for every second of it (even if sometimes the thankfulness comes later)!
Here's a little peek into my life over the last several months. 
(You can always see a lot more of it over on my Instagram feed too! And I blog about homeschooling, home, health, simplicity and a variety of other things at Seeking Equipoise.)

Stacie Ramey | author of The Sister Pact

When young adult author Stacie Ramey and I first began emailing back and forth about her shoot, she told me that she'd been planning to book me for years, telling herself that when she'd "made it" she would have me to do her author photo. (Wait, can I just say how extremely humbled and honored I was to read that?! wow.) 
With one book sold and another coming out this November, she decided now was the time. In her words, "Well, 'making it' is really a work in progress isn't it?" It most certainly is, but I am completely sure that this lady is journeying is a very good direction!