Hi there! I'm Hannah Mayo. I laugh easily, love to read, often think too much, and I really enjoy a good impromptu living room dance party with my three awesome kids. I am quite fond of coffee. Art is practically in my blood (my parents owned an art gallery on one floor of our home when I was a baby), and I've been creating in some form or other since I was old enough to hold a paintbrush. Yoga, nature, and writing help keep me sane. 
I began my career as a photographer in 2008 and have been documenting the stories of families and couples throughout South Florida ever since.
I'm so excited to photograph weddings with my very best friend (who I also happened to be married to):

My husband Manny is a fun, handsome, sometimes goofy, talented guy who is always down for an adventure and loves me and our family so well. He brings me my coffee nearly every morning. (Need I say more?)

We believe in love, in truth, and in stories. We can't wait to get to know you.